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My Story

As a devoted and single mom, when my youngest daughter began having serious health issues, I had to find a way to work smarter, not harder. Transitioning to remote business relationships allowed me the flexibility to commit to my daughters' needs while keeping my skills fresh and my career goals on target.

My Approach

A veteran of Information Technology, ticket systems, SLA's and help desks, I am thrilled to embrace the changes in commerce and business operations. Our society has taken a turn with the acceptance and liberation of remote work and digital business relationships. I have been delighted to establish long time business relationships and partner with some amazing companies. Whether publishing, designing, developing or selling, our new world of technology makes it simple and more satisfying.

Meet my Team

I am blessed with a big family. One son that owns his own business, a son in the Navy, and a daughter that doubles with a fulltime career at Cochlear Americas, a fulltime Criminal Justice student and a business partner and mascot for Weaver Inspirations. Last but not least, my youngest daughter is working on recovering, with most health conditions improved, and dreams of following Mom's footsteps someday in Information Technology. I wouldn't be who I am without my team.

Amy Garrett Weaver

Amy Garrett Weaver

Founder & COO of Weaver & Associates. Inc

Children's Book Author

Microsoft Certified Professional

Web Designer

SharePoint Developer

Project Manager

Publishing Agent


Ashley Weaver 2

Ashey Weaver

Social Media Marketing, Weaver Inspirations

Professional Account Specialist, Cochlear Americas

Bachelor of Science Student


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Brandi Weaver

Brandi Weaver


Don't be shy...

I'm always excited to make news friends and great business partners. If you have a design need that you believe I can help you attain, give me a call let's chat about your ideas and see how I can help.