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I love web design whether for large or small business but I have to say my favorite is start-ups and small business. Why you ask? Well, it's simple. I was a start-up company once too and it's scary exciting! I truly enjoy getting wrapped up in the innovation and passion of launching a new business, even if it isn't mine. I also understand the sensitivity of frequent cost restraints. I got your back, we will figure out how to help you have web presence and still be able to operate the business we're advertising!

SharePoint Design and Development

Thinking of moving to SharePoint? Are you already there and need some updates to sites and libraries? I've got you covered. I have been designing in SharePoint for over 10 years. Whether Office 365 or SharePoint 2013, I've been around the block with libraries, lists, web parts and app parts. Discovery, research, framework, content migration and brands and themes, it's all in the attention to detail and the listening skills of your developer.


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Whether it's a SharePoint site, a web site or a dream to take a book to print, reach out today and let's chat about how I can help!